Advantages of a Coilover Suspension Setup For a Honda

Maintaining control through varied surfaces and improving responsiveness are a driver's main expectations when they step into a vehicle. Customers require a long service life, so the durability of the components must be greater than the cycling fatigue of continuous driving. Coilover suspension systems have become popular among car enthusiasts due to its better handling and adjustability features. Drivers can tune them to have a high precision responsive feel and to gain high handling performance. Replacing the stock suspension system with proper coilover suspension unit has many advantages. The fact that coilovers were originally designed for race cars in order to tweak suspension height and dampening settings, explains their popularity. Honda coilovers are available as single units rather than separate parts making them easy to handle and install.

Honda coilover suspension is lighter and more compact when compared to other suspension systems, reducing the unsprung weight. They allow room for large wheels to be installed due to availability of greater space and also more settings for negative camber, this is particularly important for Honda's. Another fact that makes this suspension perfect is the ability to select your own spring length and spring rate to fine tune the chassis for type of driving that suits the driver. Tuning it properly can greatly reduce understeering problems. Coilovers allow the driver to adjust the ride height according to his needs with more than fifteen settings in some models. This helps extensively in motorsports like drag racing and drifting giving drivers phenomenal grip on track. In off-road racing multi spring setups can be used in which a helper spring is fitted along with the primary spring. The much light helper spring ensures the stability of primary spring and plays its part during aggressive cornering or jumps which causes full droop. Some coilovers have remote oil reservoirs providing easy accessibility for adjustments and saving driver the pain of jacking up the car.

Cost remains one of the major factors for its popularity. Honda coilovers can be cheap and can be bought for less than $ 500 for basic units up to $ 5000 for high performance units. More importantly if any part of the unit gets damaged, it can be replaced easily and cheap. Apart from all the other advantages, the fact that makes it so popular mostly among car enthusiast remains the extensive adjustability.

Source by Robert Tonkin