Ford Mustang 1968 390 GT Fastback

Two green Mustangs in two days……

Key to the Mustang legend is its appearance in film and television. King among all screen Mustangs is the 1968 390 GT from the 1968 Steve McQueen film – Bullitt.

The car was simple. Dark green. Big engine. limited trim. All fast.

Possibly not fast enough to keep pace with its screen nemesis, the 1968 Dodge 440 Magnum driven by the bad guys.

As a Lego model, this dark green Mustang took some planning to get the right parts, there are no fakes or painted parts though. To simplify matters, the Mustang is built as a 10-wide, perhaps a little on the narrow side. The width also restricts the build to a brick-built engine, instead of the usual technic piston engine. The car features full working suspension though.

If you like the idea of building one of these beauties – the instructions will be released in book form later in the year……..

Posted by lego911 on 2019-03-16 02:09:59

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