How to Make the Sale – No Games Just 3 Tactics You Can Use Now

It does not matter if you are selling Ferrari's or home insurance the rules don't change. When you understand that consumers don't care about you, you will be closer to making the sale. When you understand they only care about themselves then you will make the sale.

Understanding how to make the sale does take years. It does not take exhaustive seminars or books. You certainly shouldn't consider making sales a game. The business owner or sales professional who consider sales a game is one who is broke. You can't trick someone or close a prospect into buying your product or service. Anyone who shouts from the rooftops about "closing" is someone who hasn't had to earn a living selling anything.

When you are consider how to make a sale, I would invite you consider, 3 fundamental strategies to put into place now. Put these elements into practice immediately and watch your sales double.

  1. Control the Conversation – Many business owners and sales professionals think that when they listen or are polite that, that demonstrates good customer service. Wrong! Listening endlessly demonstrates you aren't paying attention. Start controlling the conversation to get to the goal of the sale. This does not mean that you are pushy; It simply means you control the pace of the call with questions.
  2. Only Ask Questions – When you only ask questions you can't be rejected. Asking questions makes you the interviewer which gives you the power to reject or accept prospects. Dig deep on every phone call and face to face meeting by asking interest piquing questions. The more interest piquing your questions become, the greater your sales volume.
  3. Provide Situations That Allow You To Win – The person new to sales puts themselves in situations where they could lose. The experienced professional puts themselves in a position where they win regardless of the response of the prospect. Consider asking "Which insurance policy did you feel was the best fit for your company? Option A or Option B?". Either choice makes sure you get the sale!

There isn't a magic formula to get every sale. Sales scripts take time to master. Even when you are using interest piquing questions that sell it can take a few days to integrate them as part of your daily conversations. What you will find with just a little bit of effort is that when you control the conversation, ask questions, and provide win-win situations you will quickly double your sales.

Source by Todd T Bates