Are You Looking For a Used Dodge Minivan For Sale?

Are you looking for a used Dodge minivan? I was and in my search I had to go online to purchase one. Let me explain how I came across my used minivan. A few years ago I found a 1993 used Dodge Caravan for sale which I bought for $ 850 with 130,000 miles on it. The tires were fair and it was not in bad shape as far as the body was concerned. I loved driving that Dodge minivan and put another 30,000 miles on it with nothing more than normal upkeep expenses. In fact I would still be driving that baby if an Orkin truck had not run a stop sign. I t-boned that pick-up and rolled him over. My Dodge minivan's airbag went off and the seat belt harness worked like a charm. I was able to walk away with only minor cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, my Dodge minivan was totaled!

I decided rather than replace the Dodge minivan I would buy a small pick-up with the money I got for the accident. Big mistake! Although the truck has done what I wanted it too I was just not happy without my minivan. That little Dodge was so nice to drive and the fuel mileage was great especially compared to the pick-up.

I began to search for a used Dodge minivan for sale in my price range. I figured somewhere between a 1993 and 1999 would work. Trying to find what I wanted turned out to be far more difficult than I expected it to be. I finally went to the internet to locate what I was looking for.

I eventually ended up purchasing a Plymouth Voyager which of course is identical to the Dodge minivan. I love it and am so glad that I am finally back driving a vehicle that is actually fun to drive. Yes, you heard that right there is a minivan that is fun to drive and extremely reliable. When I am not driving the Dodge minivan I am riding my Harley Davidson Fatboy which is way more fun.

So if you find a used Dodge minivan for sale, (or Plymouth Voyager) grab it right away don't let it slip through your fingers.

Source by DJ James