Important Components of an Exhaust System

The purpose of an exhaust system is to transport the waste gases and other products out of the car, allowing the vehicle to operate with minimum noise. It lowers the level of smoke and pollution transmitted to the environment. The exhaust system needs to be properly maintained to promote clean and efficient operation of the car. It is an essential component of the car's engine and needs to be kept in good order to prevent the engine and mileage from suffering. Here are the major components in an exhaust system:

Exhaust manifold: It is the first component of the exhaust system. It comprises an aluminum, stainless steel or cast-iron unit that adjoins the engine's combustion cylinders and collects exhaust gases from the combustion process.

Catalytic converter: The function of a catalytic converter is to complete the ignition of gases that have been incompletely burned within the engine's combustion chamber. It is the converter that prevents harmful elements like nitrogen oxides or carbon monoxide from escaping into the atmosphere. It is essential that the converter be in good working condition. Many states even require an annual check of the component to make sure that vehicles are not emitting harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Exhaust pipes: The pipes carry exhaust across the entire system. The connect to the manifold at the start and ends at the tailpipe where the exhaust makes its final exit.

Muffler: The muffler's function is to dampen the noise of the escaping gases and engine combustion. Without it, the noise would directly escape into the exhaust pipes that would be a great distraction for drivers as well as pedestrians. Most states require that the component be in proper working condition.

Oxygen sensors: It is located in or near the manifold and send oxygen level to the car's computer. After getting the information, the car regulates how much fuel is needed by the engine to function efficiently.

In different types of vehicles:

Motorcycles: In most motorcycles, all or most of the exhaust system is visible and may be chrome plated. After-market exhausts may be of aluminum, carbon fiber, steel or titanium. Motorcycle exhausts vary according to the vehicle's engine and it's intended use.

Trucks / lorries: In most trucks or lorries most of the exhaust system is visible. Oftentimes a large diesel exhaust pipe is vertical to blow off the hot noxious gas well away from people. In such cases, the ends of the exhaust pipes often have a hinged metal flap to prevent debris, rainwater or small birds from falling inside.

If you want to install an exhaust system in your vehicle, you can contact companies that specialize in providing superior quality systems at affordable rates. Whichever car you have, be it a Ford or a Land Cruiser, an exhaust system is extremely essential. Visit good dealers to get good quality products so that your car gives superior performance.

Source by Russa Jackson