Legendary City of the American West – Dodge City

Dodge City has become one of those names which are synonymous with the legends of the wild American west. The notion of Dodge city conjured the image of cowboys and gunslingers, popularized largely due to its fictional portrayal in the series "Gunsmoke". Dodge City trivia will show that the city remains a popular tourist destination due to its legendary status.

Dodge City is a city in Kansas, and it became the site of so much action during the 1800's because of its importance in the cattle trade. It was on one of the busiest cattle trails in the country, known as the "The Great Western Cattle Trade". During the 1880's the city's population exploded. A Dodge City quiz will show that the reason this city became so famous is because of how many of the west's legendary gun fighters at one time called the city home.

To understand the level of the legends that have sprung up around Dodge City trivia, one has to go no further than the name of Wyatt Earp. Along with Bat Masterson, Earp was a deputy in DodgeCity. There is perhaps no lawman in the history of the Old West that has a greater legend associated with him than Earp, although much of that would come later, after the boom died out in Dodge and Earp moved on to Tombstone. However, several of the most legendary Earp stories did take place in Dodge, such as the saving of his life by his longtime friend, Doc Holliday.

Many of the other gun fighters that are associated with Earp got to know him during his time in this city. His brothers, James, Morgan, and Virgil all spent time in the city. So did Texas Jack Vermillion and Turkey Creek Jack Johnson, along with Holliday of course, all significant names in the legends of the old west.

Today, a Dodge City quiz will show that it is a relatively small city in Kansas, with a population of less than 30,000. However, the city does remain a popular tourist destination for those with an interest in Western legend and lore. Not much remains of this city of legend however. Many of the buildings which remained from the time of the Cattle Trade were finally torn down amidst urban renewals in the 1970s. A National Landmark section of the Santa Fe Trail is one of the major landmarks near the city.

Source by Shawna S. Ruppert