Advantages of Nissan Lift Kits

Cars are easy to tinker with and to customize to your heart’s content. With the genius of installing lift kits, an ordinary, low-lying car can be easily transformed into something fierce, intimidating and much more interesting. Nissan has brought this opportunity to its patrons with their own production of lift kits.

Nissan Lift Kits – Brands

There are several brands of lift kits that have been in partnership with Nissan. These are Performance Accessories, Pro Comp, Fabtech, Superlift, Calmini, Super Springs, Ready Lift and Air Lift. These suspension lifts make possible the change in appearance and increased clearance for a better outdoor and dirt road run.

Inclusions of a Nissan Lift Kit

Nissan performance parts are guaranteed to be good quality and serve as the standard for lifting SUV’s and trucks. The lift kits include high grade nylon lift blocks, mounting materials which are made of metals plated with grade 5 zinc, and with gold zinc brackets. For truck blocks, they have more than 50, 000 psi compression rate. The shaft extensions for steering are machine designed and splined. Each kit comes with a well-detailed, step-by-step instruction manual for its installation. You can choose to install them at home if you have sufficient knowledge about car repair. Of course, you can always have the lift installed at a Nissan workplace near you. What is great about this is that you are not only buying the product you are also paying for the services of Nissan.

Each Kit For His Own

An advantage of these Nissan kits is that the different car models have their own lift kits designed for better compatibility with the different body structures. Take a Navara and an Xterra, for example. They are different models, the Navara being a pick-up truck and the Xterra is a two-door unit with a back door that opens to two more interior seats and a large compartment area. But both have plenty of similarities: large units, imposing and available in two-wheel or four-wheel drives. You may install similar brands of tires for both models, but they have different body lifts. Each car model has specially designed body and suspension lifts that fit in perfectly with their respective structures. This ensures that all joints and bars are lined, all screws are in place, and the mechanics of the vehicle all mesh well together. There will be no worries about dangerous accidents due to wobbly wheel installations.

There is a Lesser Chance of Getting Fooled by Frauds

Since Nissan is a world-trusted manufacturer of cars and automotive parts, they have plenty of patrons and dealers all over the world. Each major city is sure to have a main location branch along with a workshop where you can have your Nissan cars fixed and enhanced. It is easy to avail of their services and purchase their kits, whether by personally visiting a nearby shop or ordering the kits online. Since all major dealerships and automotive shops are sure to have Nissan products in there warehouses, your chances of striking deals with shady dealers (resulting to substandard imitations) will be reduced to none.

Source by Chris DuToit