Artworks Derived From Car Audios


A plaque is not really an artwork, but it can become one when you put in some improvisations. If you are hosting a music competition for example, you can personalize your plaques into something unique. A car audio speaker can become expertly installed in one of the awards. It is up to the award-giving body which to assign the car audio speaker plaque-whether it is for the first-prize winner or the third-prize winner. Personally, I'd prefer a CD or maybe a headphone-shaped award for the first prize, but that's just me. The last two associates more with music than anything else.


At the very least, this can inspire your mind to create. Figurines are ubiquitous, especially on holidays. However, they still have a charm. There are still people who are suckers for figurines even though most of them are factory built and unoriginal. If you are one of those people who love to collect figurines, you can opt not to buy. You can make one yourself. You can create anything. It all depends on your creativity. As what I have suggested, you can come up with a unique and artistic figurine from the parts of a car audio-like its speaker or its screws or its wires.

Decorative add-on for furniture

Who says you have to leave your furniture alone? After you have bought one from the department store, you can do whatever you want with it. It's yours now. If you want to make it look a lot funkier and add car audio parts on it, nobody can tell you that you can't. It's not like you are defacing your furniture. Imagine this. Your sofa will have more attitude if you decorated it with your car audio's speaker. I think it will be perfect on the armrests or on your bed's headboard. You can still experiment with a lot more-your dining table or the chairs in your living room.

Room decorations

Speaking of rooms in the house, you can even go all the way and redecorate them in such fashion too. This will only be acceptable if your family is as much of a car enthusiast as you are. If not, you might want to make the decorations subtle. However, if you are living alone, then you can have all the freedom to fill your walls not only with car audio parts, but with other car parts as well. Be careful not to look like a hoarders though. You have to put artistry above passion when decorating your rooms with something that you are passionate about.

Mixed media painting or sculpture

This is perhaps the most exciting of t he the suggested projects. Mixed media art is always a challenge. However, artists get to express their creativity better that way too. In case you do not know what mixed media art is, defined it as "the use of a variety of media in an entertainment or work of art."

You can mix the car audio parts with wood or metal or clay maybe and turn it into a relief painting or a sculpture.

Source by Sabrina B Bennet