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The very un-Swiss Matech Racing, of Switzerland, shoehorned all of Detroit’s mighty force under the bonnet of the Ford Mustang GT3. Unfortunately, it has the aero qualities of a football stadium and weighs twice as much- so the power goes unnoticed but for the rather intruding sound. Not good for funerals, or other church appearances.

This car is captured at about 9 centimetres a minute (and about 14 billion decibels, roughly half of the noise created by it’s Matech brethren the GT), crawling toward Maggots, where it will inevitably plough straight on and gouge a channel toward Hangar Straight. Not much good in the corners.

Oddly, it’s GT4 brethren is rather faster, but then again it hasn’t the better part of 8 bridges hanging off either end. Here is Eric de Donker preparing in the car;…

Posted by Jake Yorath Photography on 2009-01-02 19:23:34

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