Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

When we talk about car industry, many names come to mind like Toyota, Suzuki, General Motors, Honda, Chevrolet, Renault and so on, the list is endless. In short we can say this industry has a lot of competition as the market is surrounded by different brands offering cars in different segments like compact cars, family cars, sedans, sports utility vehicle's and multi utility vehicle's.

So to survive in this competition every brand will have to offer something prolific and when it comes to this there is only one brand which is known for its methods and stands out from the rest, and that brand is Ford.

As an American multinational having its base in Michigan USA, Ford Motors was founded by Sir Henry Ford. Since then Ford Motors has completely outperformed the competitors in the market by providing exotic cars with world class features.

Why Ford?

The primary reason why you should buy a Ford is that it provides the perfect combination of comfort and elegance, style and luxury. It is bedrock of quality and trust which is a major factor why people love to buy a ford car. Ford is a famous brand name since 1903 all thanks to Mr. Henry Ford who founded this company and led it towards a great success, it is due to his creativity and positive approach ford became famous in the world because of its methods of making a car ie its invention of large scale manufacturing of cars. Ford has entered every a car to almost every segment. Ford Fiesta as sub compact car, C-Max as a compact car, Ford Explorer as SUV, Ford Mondeo as large family car, Ford Torino as a muscle car and the latest hatchback Ford Figo. This very well tells you that Ford has entered each and every segment of cars and has occupied a large market share by giving unending surprises to its customer market.

Ford attracts the customers as it is a world wide brand of automobile manufacturing providing extra ordinary facilities and features in its car, recently it also started financing its vehicle's which is again a positive point in gaining market share. Its strategy is market penetration as it has car in almost every segment and profit maximization not sales maximization covering a range of every vehicle from "Crossover SUVs' to Compact cars". Some other advantages of choosing a Ford are:

1. Brand Name: Ford is a global brand name accustomed with trust and quality product. It works as Lincoln brand in US and Mercury in North America.

2. Segmentation: Ford Motor has very well penetrated the automobile market by manufacturing cars of almost every segment ranging from Ford Endeavor a SUV to Ford Figo a Hatchback. By segmenting the market in such a manner Ford has confirmed its sales by influencing the customer's who are loyal to brand Ford,

3. Features: It offers features like Gear locking, Abs (Anti bag system), Power driving, Speed ​​Manual Transition, Front disk brakes, Rear disk brakes, Front suspension Rear Suspension, Fully Air Conditioned.

4. Availability: Ford is present in almost every country. It has 90 plants all over the world & where ever you go Ford is available there. It is a Michigan based company having global market in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

5. Comfort Level: Ford is bedrock of trust, Quality & Comfort. When a customer sits inside a Ford Car, he feels like he is in heaven. Every segment car of ford is designed keeping in mind the comfort level and needs of customers and the result is success.

6. Strategy: Ford Motors is a very flexible company it changes its strategy according to the conditions of the market and demand of the customers. In late 1990 it provided finance on cars which led to dramatic 20% increase in its sale and it is also known for its surprises it gives to the world car market.

7. Marketing: Ford very well optimizes the output by adjusting the 4P's (Price, Product, Place and Promotion) to the best coordination. Ford has a different approach in the market and as it is said "winners don't do different things, they do things differently" Ford does things differently.

Whether you own it, run it or sell it, a Ford car is designed to give you an unmatched value. It would surely be one of your best investments of your lifetime.

Source by James Greenaway