5 Cool Cars Around the World

Car design is always different, in different parts of the globe. Some embrace the classics and build upon that, while some just totally move on to a different, futuristic direction.

Now I'll have to stress this – most of these cars are concept cars – meaning, I've probably come across them at different car shows that I'm lucky enough to attend, yet I always wonder how I can take one home with me. Also, I don't know enough about cars to talk about 'em – I'm talking design here, and a man knows what he likes.

Italy: Pagani Zonda Cinque – Pagani Zonda, a mid-engine sports car built by Pagani has come out with the designs for the 2008-2009 manufacturing dates – the Cinque. (pronounced cheen-kway) Being built upon the special request of a Hong Kong-based Pagani dealer, only 5 (five) of these beauties will be made at the cost of £ 1million each, with the delivery date of June 2009.

Japan: Lexus LF-A – Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota (as any car-enthusiast will know) was first introduced in the United States. (which I just recently found out) They've come up with a line of concept cars, named the LF series, whose earlier models have never seen the light of day. Though recently, by bits and pieces, ideas found in the concept cars have made their way to reality, and hopefully, the LF-A reaches that. Bordering on the exotic, it features the new Lexus design combined with a racing-feel, this word for this car is "dynamic." Add a couple of fins and paint it in black and you've got a Batmobile!

France: Peugeot e-motion – Being the second-biggest carmaker in France, Peugeot showcased its brand of an electric-powered sports car in the form of the e-motion. The combination of concave and convex surfaces really highlight the cars … futurism. This is enhanced by a subtle line that follows the headlights, into the doors, leading up to the rear lights.

Hungary: Audi TTRS – This is more of a collab than anything. Designed in the states and produced in Hungary, the TT is Audi's two-seat roadster line. This new concept design features a fully-cowled body, unlike any that has come before it. Unfortunately, I might add, I wonder how this will fare in roads that feature humps? Do they not have humps where they're made?

USA: Custom Cadillacs – In the US, generations have grown to know that the Cadillac is synonymous with "high quality." Originally the luxury-car division of General Motors, Cadillacs are a statement that says, "things just get better with age." With thousands of Americans still enamored with the classical style and shape; forget sleekness: we own the best monster cars ever. In California, car customization is a big business, with new life being brought upon the oldest of vehicles. Customized Cadillacs are a staple for this, and the generations that have gone before. With kids proudly driving around in them, lowered suspension, hydraulics and all.

Source by Neil Simon