Car Detailing Your Own Car and Secret Tips

Take it from a 27-year veteran of the auto detailing industry when I tell you that detailing your car can be made a lot easier if you follow a few secret tips. For instance if your car is hot inside then do not to spray cleaner directly on the Plexiglas which covers your instrument panel because you can make it haze up and cloud or ruin it.

You need to follow the manufacturer's label on the back of all automobile detailing products whether you buy them at Wal-Mart or you order them all online at a special professional automotive detailing web site. Detailing your car can be very easy or you can make it very difficult and actually damage your paint or interior.

If you do not follow the directions when putting on the wax you may find it very hard to get off and therefore you end up putting scratches in your paint when you are trying to protect it. Also some people put on tire dressing way to much and then they drive down the road and it slings legs off onto the side of the car and therefore gathers dust immediately and then it looks even worse.

Another problem is whitewall cleaner; if you end up spraying it on the center caps of your rims or hubs you may take off the plastic coating and ruin the wheels. There are many things to be careful of when detailing your car and it makes sense to pay attention and follow directions and learn the secret tips or hire a professional auto detailing specialist to do it for you. Please consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow