Automotive Detailing Supplies for Consumers – Selling to High-End or Middle Class?

Selling automotive detailing products or car wash supplies and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) car wash kits can be a tough row to hoe. There are the big corporations who have such kits like the Mr. Clean brand and twenty or so dealer networks which sell products in major markets and deliver in vans. Still there must be hundreds of Online Internet Sellers out there promoting their products in the same way.

Of course this is not an easy business to jump into. Just developing a website and putting products up online for sale is not easy at all. Many such businesses do somewhat poorly state many start-up Internet Entrepreneurs.

Indeed, I agree that the issues on the Internet are not so easy. It is almost as if you need to get with another online “Everything” catalog Internet clearing house that sells many different online products, if one exists in the automotive domain, then that would even be better you see? It is hard to rank high in the search engines if you are a new website with few pages and it takes time to develop a following. And there is a ton of competition out there in cyberspace.

How about working deals and getting links from Muscle Cars Online or Barrett Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale. I agree that if you were on a website for lets say AutoTrader online recently bought out by another company, or or The Robb Report or Dupont Registry.

The fact is that small business sales on the Internet are a lot like networking in your local community. That is to say you need to work with others to succeed. Perhaps this article might be of interest to your online business and I hope this propels thought in 2007.

Source by Lance Winslow