Home Grown Hero – Classic Car Restoration

Like everything in life one considers embarking on there must be a purpose. Whether it is a passion, a goal or a desire there needs to be a driving force within otherwise at the first challenge (do not consider them problems or your project is dead before it starts) you will give up. Also be mindful that doing something just to make money is never a strong enough passion, the first loss and you will give up.

So restoring a classic car starts with the correct attitude, and that is no different for everything in life that we consider undertaking. The suggestion is that it is 80% mindset and 20% doing.

How do I decide what classic to restore? Well start with your passions, or own personal situation. This includes why you wish to restore a motor vehicle. For some the particular vehicle or model is of no great consequence as the desire may be a hobby.

For others they may have fond memories of an uncle or parents motor vehicle and have a desire to recreate the past experience. This may even be the original classic car is still in the family and available for restoration.

In the good old USA we have many home grown classics we can consider for restoration. Perusing classic car magazines is an excellent way to start your journey.

What I am suggesting is that right here in America's own backyard are all the classics you can ever think of for your classic car restoration project, yes a home grown hero! Just remember you need to have the passion to finish what you have started as it is a long slow unrewarding journey and only the hardy will succeed.

Some of the homegrown heroes you can consider are something like the '68 Camaro Z / 28 RS, a 73 Challenger, an Oldsmobile '66 4-4-2 L69, and the '67 Firebird convertible, a '69 Mustang or the '67 Chevelle convertible. They are just a few inspirations whilst scanning through a classic car magazine. Not to forget such other classics as the Ford Fairlane or a 1968 Torino GT, the list is endless

And of course the other more modern option is surfing the net to find your homegrown hero to restore. The opportunities for restoring classics are only limited by your imagination and your budget. Both the vehicle and the parts can be sourced via the net, you can place the order directly or if you prefer you can then go and visit the company and check for your own satisfaction.

Remember it is a hobby and a passion so there is nothing wrong with wanting to visit and see your intended purchase and enjoy what you are doing.

But as mentioned first of all before you commence on your Chrysler, Ford or Chevrolet (or any other home grown hero) restoration get the mindset or attitude part sorted. Where your heart is your treasure will be also.

Source by Paul Guy