Questions and Concerns When Starting a Mobile Auto Detailing Business

Well, it looks like the stock market is moving upward, and it appears that corporate profits are as well, this means that investor confidence will return, then followed by consumer confidence, which will make small business confidence soar as business picks up. More folks will be hired and more consumers will spend more money, and we are off to the races again during our next upward trend in the business cycle.

Good right? And so maybe you are thinking of starting a small business, maybe something automotive related but you don't have a huge amount of capital. Not long ago someone in this predicament asked me about the auto detailing sector, specifically mobile auto detailing. And he had a number of really decent questions that I thought you might like answered as well, in case you are considering the same.

He asks; "Will I need to get any special permits or licenses obtained to do auto detailing business mobily?"

Yes, you need to understand the issues concerning NPDES permitting, storm water discharge, and how to reclaim wash water, also information about dry-wash type detailing w / o water use in case you decide to go that route. And you will have to ask about this during your visit to pay for your small business license as local jurisdictions may require more.

"I have a pressure washer already. Can I just hook that up to a water tank that will be in the back of my truck to start?"

Yes, but strap it down or wedge it between wheel wells and be careful driving with it when it's not full. When the water sloshes it can affect control of your pick-up truck or van, depending on the vehicle you use. Make sure your vehicle is rated to hold that weight too. Water is heavy 8.2 Lbs per gallon in fact.

"Also my biggest question for mobile detailing is this, do you have to have permission from the owner or manager of a company to detail vehicles in their parking lot?"

Yes, it's their property. If you are invited on by the leasee, that should be sufficient. You need to follow proper etiquette too, don't make a mess, don't block traffic, don't cause problems, do your business respectfully w / o over spray or flooding the parking lot – obvious stuff, don't give the industry a bad name, some have, then we all pay for that.

"What if they do not want any business of that nature done in their parking lot?"

Go somewhere else, there are more cars than people in the US, no big deal, it's their property, respect that.

"What other alternative can you use to get customers that would like their vehicles detailed mobily but have a boss that won't allow it?"

Go to their home instead, ask the employees who want the car details if you can come to their homes, especially if they live nearby and you might also find other people in those neighborhoods to refer you to more customers too. Of course, this depends on the quality of your detailing, and craftsmanship. I think you are going to do fine

If you put $ 100 on my Starbucks card, I will send you some old manuals with information that will further address these and other questions in more detail.

Source by Lance Winslow