All You Need to Know About the Ford Fiesta!

Since 1976 Ford has been producing the Ford Fiesta as a supermini, competing with the likes of the VW Polo and Nissan Micra. The Fiesta is built in various locations around the world including Europe, Brazil and Mexico.

Over 12 million Ford Fiestas have been sold worldwide since its introduction in 1976; the current 2010 model is the 6th generation Fiesta. The new Fiesta incorporates many features from Ford's larger range of vehicles.

The Fiesta is available with Ford's Convers + menu system complimented with steering wheel controls. The Ford Fiesta in Worcester is also available with 'Ford Power' for the first time, it is Ford's keyless entry and start system similar to what has been seen in some Renaults. Ford Easyfuel, the cap less refueling system recently introduced with the Ford Mondeo, will also be a feature, while 'ambient lighting,' casting a soft red glow over the interior, will also be an option.

Buyers have a choice of 6 engines in the Fiesta, four petrols and 2 diesels. There is a 59break horse power and 80bhp 1.25 liter plant, a 95bhp 1.4 liter and an 118bhp 1.6 liter. In the diesel range there is a 67break horse power 1.3 liter and a 94 bhp 1.6 liter. The four speed auto gearbox is only available on the 1.4 petrol engines.

There are a good few model variations to choose from on the Fiesta, the entry level model 1.25 Studio 3 door costs £ 9,995 while the top of the range 1.6 TDCi Titanium costs £ 15,345. The three door Econetic costs £ 13,495.

Source by Lucy Penn