How I Never Get a Flat Tire Driving Thousands of Miles

Have you ever heard of Ride-On TPS? It has been around since the 90's, but I discovered it about 4 years ago while planning a cross country motorcycle trip.

I was concerned about tire maintenance on my Suzuki M109, so I bought a tire repair kit and a can of Fix a Flat but I was still concerned about getting a flat tire 3,000 miles from home. Not only is a flat far away from anyone an inconvenience, but also can be quite dangerous!

Then on one of my motorcycle forums I read about a product called Ride-On and ordered a kit for the 109. This seemed to be a whole new concept of tire flat prevention, every driver's nightmare. They were claiming that their tire sealants would eliminate 85-95% of your flat tires!

Without hesitation, I ordered some Ride-On and anxiously awaited its arrival.

So what is Ride-On? Ride-On TPS (tire protection system) is a gel-like substance containing fibers six times stronger than steel that coats the inner liner of your tires. This protective coating not only makes your tires virtually impervious to flats, but also actively balances them for life! One application of Ride-On TPS also reduces porosity leaks that cause tires to naturally deflate over time. By eliminating air leaks, maintaining proper inflation pressure, and balancing your tires, Ride-On improves your fuel efficiency, and your tires will run cooler and last longer – up to 25% or more!

Upon applying Ride-On, I found that before when I would average about 8,000 miles on a set of tires, I now was getting 12,000 miles!

How does Ride-On work? Once treated with Ride-On TPS tire sealant, a tire literally fixes itself! If the crown area of ​​the tire is punctured by an object up to 1/4 "in diameter, the centrifugal force of the rotating tire and the internal air pressure forces the sealant into the hole, sealing it virtually instantly. Ride-On is specially formulated to hydro dynamically balance your tires, so wheel weights are a thing of the past! Imagine that!

This stuff really works in my experience! On the last 1,000 mile leg of my cross-country trip and while driving through a construction zone on I-90, I picked up a 1/8 "piece of metal in my rear tire. I noticed it at my next fuel stop. I removed the screw-like object from the tire and rode 600 miles back to Cape Cod without a problem. I rode another month locally on the same tire before replacing it due to tread wear. I am currently riding a BMW 1150 RT and last summer I Participated in the Redmond 1000, an Iron Butt sanctioned event. I rode 1,065 miles in under 24 hours, actually 17.5 hours from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Redmond, Oregon. Ride-On gave me the confidence in my tires to make this grueling ride possible.

My next Ride-On application is my Mini Cooper S. The S model does not carry a spare tire, so this is a no brainer! Thank you Inovex Industries, Inc. for a great product that I will recommend to all my fellow riders and drivers.

Source by Robert Hredocik