Car and Motorcycle Buffers and Polishers Review

If your car or motorcycles are your pride and joy then you can not do without effective buffers and polishers in your tool chest. Detailing your babies can take a lot of your time, especially if you do it by hand. A machine polisher and buffer can greatly reduce the time you need to wax or clean up the paint job on your vehicles. Over the last decade or so buffers and polishers have become much more widely available for home use. Weather you are a pro, weekend warrior, or beginner there is going to be one of these tools that will make your detailing work much easier. We want to take a close look at a few of these tools to give you an idea of ​​what might meet your needs.

One type of buffers and polishers we really like is the Griot Garage Professional Three Inch Random Orbital Buffer and Polisher. This fabulous tool has been recently redesigned to provide added power and much better ease of use. It may look small but it can provide as much buffing and polishing power as its six inch counterparts and reach places the larges buffers and polishers can never get to. This tool is especially recommended to use on motorcycle due to its low profile and smaller frame. No more hand detailing for you as this tool is perfect to eliminate any type of hand work needed. Quickly apply was to paint or chrome and polish and buff as needed. This model has a special three inch backing plate that is designed to fit just about any hook and lop pad you may have. It has a powerful two hundred and forty watt motor than has a variable speed control up to thirty five hundred rmps. This buffer polisher is modestly priced at about ninety dollars.

If you have much larger jobs to tackle then we recommend Meguiars Dual Action Six Inch Polisher. This little beauty has all the features you want to give you the control and power you need to buff and polish those really large jobs. This model was designed to eliminate the typical problems faced with similar tools by providing adequate torque and low power in a rotary polisher. You will not find a lack of rotation as you apply pressure with this wonderful power tool. The range or revolutions per minute starts out at eighteen hundred and maxes out a flying seven thousand rpms. What is really special about this tool is that it has internal controls that sense as your press down when you buff and polish and it will automatically increase the speed to give you the torque you need. An added feature is the side port access that enables you to have extremely quick side brush changes. This tool is priced at about one hundred and fifty dollars, but it is an investment well spent.

For a professional grade buffers and polishers we recommend the FLEX XC 3401 dual action orbital polisher. This is truly an exception buffing and polishing tool that provides an authentic dual action performance to give you a professional looking finish at home. This expert machine will easily remove scratches, dings, rust spots, and swirls in a way that most other tools of its kind. What makes the XC 3401 so effective is that the motion of the polishing wheels correctly simulates the motion of the human hand as if it was doing the same task. This polisher is extremely smooth and will not vibrate wildly due to its long stroke length of eight millimeters, which is significant for orbital polishers of its kind. One unique feature is the direct orbital drive which prevents the finish from overheating as you buff and polish which eliminates any potential paint burns. This tool has a built in microprocessor that expertly controls the speed based on the pressure applied. You will find no better tool of its kind for home use to provide flawless finished for your cars or motorcycles. This tool is not cheap at nearly three hundred dollars, but consider this an investment well made for your hobby.

Source by Elijiah Rampart