Antique Dodge Trucks

The collection of Antique Dodge trucks has become more than a hobby but a passion for most Americans. They are a symbol of prestige and are very popular. There are some specialized groups and clubs that display these ancient vehicles.

There are a number of antique dodge trucks. They include; model T, series 116 and model 30. The Model 30 was the first model that was built by the Dodge brothers company in 1914. It is therefore the oldest model. Model T had a planetary pattern but was quickly phased out of the market by the year 1927. This was when the dodge brothers company introduced lightweight vehicles.

Antique dodge trucks can be bought from auctions, trade shows, trade magazines and Internet bidding. Other than these, there is an American truck Historical society that has been formed to specifically deal with the buying and selling of ancient vehicles of this kind. This society has a membership and even magazines through which they keep their members posted. For those who only wish to view these vintage vehicles, there is an ancient vehicle museum found in most of the United States of America.

This kind of ancient vehicles only become popular after the second world war. However, they can still form part of one’s vintage collection. They are very prestigious to own and there is also a variety that one can choose from. Should one be interested, they can participate in auctions or biding so as to acquire any one of this kind of ancient vehicles available for sale.

Source by Peter Gitundu