Chevrolet Commercial Trucks

For Medium duty trucks, Chevrolet commercial vehicles offer style, durability, and function. Offering the Kodiak, W-Series, and T-Series, Chevrolet commercial trucks have vehicles for every medium-duty industry’s needs.

Whether you work in a city or country environment, the Kodiak is sure to make light-duty work a little lighter. Offering a variety of models of dump trucks, the trucks are sleek and slim enough to fit around city corners while durable enough to handle the tasks of farm, quarry, and maintenance life.

While they are designed for work, most Kodiak models can be outfitted with extras that will rival the newest luxury automobile. Drivers can choose to customize their vehicle by adding passenger seats and upgrading their own thrones to include suspension and lumbar support. Drivers can choose a standard stereo with AM/FM radio or a more impressive combination of radio and CD stereo.

Essential safety features, like durable bumpers, engine check gauges, and horns come standard on the Kodiak models as well as other Chevrolet commercial vehicles, but extended safety features can be included in a vehicle upgrade. Features like backup alarms, power locks and windows, and several types of mirrors are available to the ultra-safe medium duty trucker.

Similarly to the Kodiak, the Chevrolet commercial trucks W-series offers a medium-duty truck that allows truckers to get the most out of their diesel dollar. Recently, the manufacturer has increased fuel economy on the refrigerated models and has instituted an all-refrigeration, allowing a compressor to be run without the diesel engine.

The last model of Chevrolet Commercial trucks is the T-series, a medium-duty flatbed or tilt cab that meets the needs of private and government organizations. You might see these trucks making their way down public highways in an aid to construction workers. Built to carry the heaviest loads but to operate easily and smoothly in residential areas, the T-series models are versatile, stylish and operational. From the sleek and functional Kodiak series to the many uses for the T-series, Chevrolet commercial trucks are showing on streets near you, and for truckers who want a vehicle with no match in function, comfort, and maneuverability, these trucks are there for the purchasing.

Source by Marilee McCormack