Best Car Lease Deal – 2008 Chevy Malibu

Named after Malibu in California, this car straight out of General Motors’ Chevrolet line looks like it could top many best car lease deal lists in the country yet again; especially with the release of the 2008 Chevy Malibu. Top magazines have called it the next big thing in mid-sized cars, commenting that Chevrolet has delivered and arrived, while also warning other top car manufacturers to start stepping up their game. If that’s not enough to make this the next top best car lease deal, then we don’t know what is; unless of course another car should come along to take its place. Perhaps this is a wake up for competitors like Toyota.

Coming out next fall, the Chevy Malibu 2008 is all about style than it is about power. With Chevrolet’s all-new trademark styling (the dual-port grille in front of most of their vehicles), this is probably the best Malibu since the series was ever conceptualized. These may be bold words, but one look at this next best car lease deal will convince many a car lover for many months (or years) to come. The 2008 Malibu was designed with features specifically to suit American taste: the new grille, over-sized headlamps, and a sleek back-swept windshield. Topped off with thin panel gaps and wheels that seem to fill the arches completely, it’s obviously a lot richer than any previous models from Chevrolet and it won’t be surprising to see starting prices bumping up to almost $20,000. Nevertheless, it’s a still a price that many can afford for a basic model and one will definitely get the best car lease deal when looking to add all the extra features available for it.

The Chevy Malibu has done what it was expected to do: it’s gotten bigger. This is obvious when looking at its waistline which is about three inches longer than its predecessor. Also, in the wheelbase it is about six inches longer and a half-inch wider. Three models are expected to be released (bases LS, mid-range LT and the loaded LTZ) and many green-supporters will be glad to know that Chevrolet is including the rollout of a hybrid as well.

Chevrolet has dubbed the Malibu as the car that nobody can ignore; and this is all for good reason. Check out more on the new Chevy Malibu at

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Source by Daniel Brown Lamb