The Details of Detailing Auto Detailer and Car Washing Rigs

Are you in the auto detailing or mobile car washing business? If you so you know the importance of image and why you must detail your own rig to attract business and build confidence in your customer. Keep your truck and equipment clean. This goes without saying; you are in the cleaning business. How can you tell someone you do “the best wash jobs in town” if you have bugs on the grill, bird droppings on the hood and mud splashed on the sides of your truck.


OK, obviously you should keep your work truck clean. Don’t you think it’s kind of impressive that you never seen a dirty fire truck? Stainless steel, chrome, diamond plate and a well-waxed truck says something about the fire department and instills confidence in their skills. It makes you feel safe.

Think of your car wash truck or mobile detailing rig as a miniature fire truck. Your truck should be washed every other day, not because it gets dirtier than other vehicles but because it’s easy and because you are a professional auto detailer. When you run into a building, your crew should not be standing around. They should be cleaning the truck. This immediately shows you have pride and care about your business. People see your shiny car wash truck or mobile auto detailer rig and wish their cars looked that good.

You should also make that the truck looks good on the inside as well. Inside you should make sure:

Dash board is dressed

No carpet stains

Vacuumed properly

Windows cleaned inside

Door jams wiped

Orderly upkeep of items in the cab

A clean truck is your display case to sell your service to the consumer. Do not live in hypocrisy when you should be walking the walk with a first class image. Think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow