Valentine Gift For Your Husband

If you are looking for that unique Valentine gift for your husband, a gift that will stay in their memory for ever, then a driving experience day from The Racing School may just be the gift you are looking for.

For most people, the idea of pushing a true supercar or racing car round a real racetrack is just fantasy; well that fantasy can become a reality and there are a whole host of cars to choose from.

Driving Experiences fall into many categories but by far the most popular are the supercars. Choose from some of the most desirable supercars on the planet from many of the top manufacturers in the world including Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, Lotus, Aston Martin and many more. With all of these experiences you will first be taught the racing lines in a Mini Cooper S, before getting behind the wheel of your chosen supercar for a blast round a real racing circuit.

For those who love motorsport, a racing car experience is sure to fit the bill. Depending on your budget, your husband can drive anything from a single seater to a real Formula 1 car. The ultimate Valentine gift for the petrol head in your life.

If your husband prefers it a little bit dirty, there’s a choice of off road experiences. Rallying, a skid pan course or driving a 4 x 4 round a purpose built off road course all point to this experience as being the ideal gift for him.

For those with a husband who find it difficult to make up their minds a combination experience will make the ideal gift. Ferrari and rally car, Ferrari and Porsche or Ferrari and single seater are just three of the combination experiences he can choose from.

Finally for those who want to be in the movies a stunt or drift driving experience may just be the first step on the ladder. Choose this experience and your husband will be taught tricks of the trade by instructors trained in the US.

With such a range of gifts available, there is sure to be a Valentine’s driving gift that will leave a lasting memory for your loved one for years to come.

Source by Dave Foord