Want to Start a Mobile Auto Detailing Business? Think Hybrid Work Vehicle to Impress Clients

For years before retirement, I ran a franchising company, and we sold mobile auto detailing units, and mobile car wash units to those who’d like to own a business of their own. And even now after retirement, the concept is on my mind. Okay so, I have some advice for those who wish to run a professional mobile car detailing business, perhaps as an alternative to employment because jobs are so hard to get right now. My advice is to work out of a hybrid pickup truck, a hybrid SUV, or some other alternative vehicle which uses very little fuel or runs purely electric.

Not long ago, in November of 2010, I ran across to very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal. The article spoke of the city of San Francisco trying to cut costs. The article discussed how the City of San Francisco was auctioning off some of its three wheeled parking meter vehicles – these vehicles being completely Street legal. The title of the article was; “How to Turn Heads on the Road: Buy a Meter Maid Car – Used Ones Are Cheap, Cute, Maneuverable; The Most Fun You Can Have on a Trike,” by Cari Tuna.

It seems that you could get one of these vehicles for between $500 to $7,000 at one of the auctions, which is very similar to going to one of the old United States Postal Service’s auctions and buying one of those old jeeps that they used to use to deliver mail. The best thing about these vehicles that the City of San Francisco was auctioning was not only there very low price, but also the very small motors which conserve fuel.

Now then, wouldn’t that make a great little auto detailing business vehicle? Sure it would, and it would not only attract attention, but it would save you money on fuel costs. If you have to run around town all day in a pickup truck, wait in traffic, you are easily going to use between $20-$40 a day in gasoline, but with one of these little vehicles it would be much less. You need on how to think conservation of energy, and how to brand your business as being a low-carbon-footprint business because it makes your customers happy to know you are helping the environment.

If you are considering on starting a little auto detailing business anytime soon, perhaps you need to think about some strategies, and how you market yourself better with an alternative energy vehicle. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow