Creating a Carwash Business Plan

When creating your own carwash business plan you must first take in account what type of services your business will be performing. For most carwash businesses this will include deciding from one or more of the following:

-Exterior car washing

-Interior cleaning

-Car detailing (exterior and interior)

Next, identify your competition in the area that you wish to start your business. If there are multiple car washes in the same area, you should look into an area that is still heavily populated, but has few or no car washing businesses already there. You will have to determine how many employees you will require to run your business efficiently. Your customer base should include individual car owners, local car dealerships, and other local businesses that have fleet vehicles. If you are in a high car dealership area your car wash business may see much more profits because most dealerships like to keep their car lot vehicles clean in order to sell them, as well as having them detailed after a sell. Location is everything when picking a site to construct your carwash.

The next step in your business plan should be to develop your objectives and your mission. This will keep your business on track and to not veer off in another directions before you even get started. Your starting objectives may contain the following:

1. To be a premium car wash and detail service in you area.

2. Maintain a gross profit margin of over X %.

3. Maintain a net profit margin of X %.

4. Expand to X# of locations after X year of operation.

The mission of your carwash business plan is to provide affordable, quality washing and detail service for all car owners in your area. Your business will work to keep employees satisfied and maintain a safe and comfortable work environment to promote acceptable customer service.

Your car wash business will provide three services to its customers:

o Car washing (exterior)

o Car cleaning (interior)

o Car detailing (exterior and interior)

It will be up to you to determine if you will offer services that car owners can do by themselves, such as do it yourself washing and vacuuming. You may also find it beneficial to sell items such as carwash towels, mittens, waxes and polishes, and interior dress up items. The types of machines you purchase will depend on how much money you are going to invest in your car wash. Your car wash business plan should include the types of machines (touch-less car wash, manual spray stations, vacuuming systems etc.) that you will have on your property, as well as how many of them. You may have to start with a small amount of machines, and invest in more later as you determine what types of machines are making the most profits.

Source by JD Files