2021 Ford Bronco News Review

2021 ford bronco news reviews

2021 Ford Bronco News and Review

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty freaking excited. The reason you ask. Well, The “Jeep Crushing” 2021 Ford Bronco has arrived and it is everything that you could ever hope for. To help you board the hype train, here is a little snippet of what the Ford Bronco is offering: 35-inch tires (optional), manual transmission, removable doors, and top. That’s just the teaser, keep on reading to learn more about what I believe will be the 4×4 of the decade.

Here are a few things that you should know before we get into the nitty-gritty:

  • Ford Bronco can very well be classified as the worst nightmare for the Jeep Wrangler. 2021 Ford Bronco is a direct competitor to pretty much any SUV.
  • 2021 Ford Bronco will offer you two engines to choose from. Both of these choices will feature the EcoBoost turbo. Turbos=FUN! It will come in both 4 door and 2 door versions.
  • The estimated price for the two-door version will be nearly $29,000. There will be other packages as well including the Sasquatch off-road package (more on this below). Your mouth will keep watering when it comes to trims with six to choose from. There is plenty to be excited about.

2021 Ford Bronco: What will you be getting?

The Ford Bronco is going to be available in 2 basic models a 2 door and a 4 door. Their prices are estimated to be $29,000 and $35,000 respectively. Here are the specifications of what you can expect to get for that price point:

  • A 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-four engine. It will produce nearly 310 pounds of torque along with 270 Hp. If you are not sure what that means let us tell you in simple terms. It will pack quite a punch. You can also choose to go for the 2.7-liter version, it will give you 400 pounds of torque and 310 Hp. Keep in mind that both of these motors are extremely upgradable. If you are into that kind of thing.
  • The transmission has two options, you can either go for a 7 speed Getrag transmission for manual or a 10-speed automatic.

So, no matter which option you choose you will get a car that gives you a completely badass off-road experience. The 2021 Ford Bronco has a lot of things going for it and it does look like a really solid option for all the off-roading enthusiasts out there. This is not to say that it can’t act as your daily driver as well.

6 trims and a luxury 1st edition?

This is a rhetorical question. Yes, you are going to have a hard time deciding which version of the Ford Bronco you want to go for when you have so many options. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of them:

  1. 1st edition – If you are looking for the most luxurious version of the Ford Bronco, you want to get the 1st edition. It comes with all the luxury options and the optimum off-road performance. There is also the allure that this version will be in production for a limited amount of time giving you the chance to become the owner of something truly special. Unfortunately, by the time you read this article these may all be reserved.
  2. The Big Bend – The next trim option that you will get is called Big Bend. The major difference and advantage that it offers is the option to upgrade the 30-inch tires that come with the base model to 32-inch ones.
  3. Black Diamond – This is the third trim option that you choose for your Ford Bronco. With the Black Diamond, you will get rock rails, a locking rear, and skid plates.
  4. Outer Banks – Think the Wrangler Sahara. This is the best way to describe the outer banks trim.
  5. Wildtrak – This trim offers you 35-inch tires position-sensitive Bilstein dampers and a V6 2.7-liter engine. It will make for the perfect vehicle to use in the desert.
  6. Badlands – This is the trim that you want to get if you enjoy the trails. It has a disconnecting way bar in the front and 33-inch tires. The standard upholstery that you get with this trim is vinyl (marine-grade). You can choose to get a fancier interior as well if you want.

These are the 6 trims that you are going to get with the Ford Bronco that you can choose between but there is one final package that we need to tell you about. The sasquatch package. Here is what you are going to get in it:

  • The tires included in this package are 35-inch. The brand is Goodyear Territory. This means that you will be ready for any kind of muddy terrain.
  • The final-drive ratio will be 4.70. You will also get a rear Spicer and a locking front differential.
  • The wheels in this package are Beadlock-capable black painted 17 inchers.
  • You will also get fender flares and a high clearance suspension along with Bilstein dampers.

The package can be availed with any of the trims that we have mentioned above. If you choose the 1st edition or the Wildtrak then this package comes standard with them. If you are looking for the most value for money, then you are golden with the base model but if you want the best of what the 2021 Ford Bronco has to offer then you would want to get the 1st edition.

What are the Fording depth and ground clearance like on the 2021 Ford Bronco?

The short answer is that they are very impressive. Now let’s get into the long answer:

  • When it comes to axles you will find a 5 link Dana 44 on the 2021 Ford Bronco. This kind of independent front end is perfect for all kinds of situations bar off-roading. To compensate for that you get a semi-active disconnecting front sway on the Ford Bronco.
  • The ground clearance numbers for the Ford Bronco are the best in its class. It has a ground clearance of 11.6 inches. It even surpasses the Raptor which many consider the golden standard.
  • The fording depth is also supremely impressive coming in at 33.5 inches.

Removable Top with The Convenience of a Hose Out Interior

The top of the 2021 Ford bronco is removable. There is a difference between the 2 door and 4 door versions as the two-door version has a hardtop only while the 4 door comes with a soft top. You can order a hardtop for the 4-door version if you want. Both versions give you a roll bar that begins near the read seats. As we mentioned earlier you can get the upholstery in marine-grade vinyl and you can also choose to go with a full hose-out interior. This is very useful and convenient when you are an off-roading enthusiast. It just makes cleaning and maintaining the car so much easier. Despite its robust appeal the options of interior that the Ford Bronco give you are nothing to dismiss. It is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. You get everything from phone mounts to a Sync 4 infotainment system with the 2021 Ford Bronco. You can off-road in style, or you can use it as your daily driver, it excels in both categories.

What are the drive modes in the 2021 Ford Bronco?

Goat drive modes. GOAT standing for goes over any type of terrain. There are a total of 7 drive modes that you get in the Ford Bronco. These include drive modes like Rock crawl and Baja. There is also a hill-descent mode and trail mode. All of these modes are aimed at making your off-roading experience better and give you the ability to chart any terrain.

So, there you have it. This is our 2021 Ford Bronco review. The Ford Bronco is a great SUV for anyone who is looking for a robust car that will give them performance and comfort. Add to that the nearly unlimited set of options that you get to choose from for your 2021 Ford Bronco and you have the perfect SUV. Ford has plans to offer more than 200 accessories for the Ford Bronco. These include everything from fender flares to transparent lower panels. Ford Bronco is a car that is sure to get you excited and add to your off-roading experience. It is the perfect car for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants a reliable SUV for the job. The 2021 Ford Bronco is the result of great design, execution, and pricing. Ford Bronco is a rare example of a company getting almost everything right.