Even Camaro Fans Will Respect This One-Off Mustang

The engine transplant (true mileage is unknown) also included the replacement of the core items like the vibration dampener, fuel injectors, gaskets, hoses, temperature sensors, and motor mounts. A new fuel pump, fuel lines, and a wiring harness were recently installed. Other notable features include cool 15-inch Magnum 500 wheels with chrome finish, Bluetooth and USB-equipped RetroSound Hermosa radio, and parchment vinyl seats.

The interior is mostly stock; there aren’t even power windows. There are a few minor exterior imperfections that can easily be repaired, such as some paint chips, and scratches around the windshield and rear glass. The sale also includes many spare parts and a Mustang-branded car cover. The auction will conclude this Tuesday and the highest bid is currently just $15,250.

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