2021 Ford Bronco Maverick Has A Hardcore Surprise

Thanks to Bronco6G, we learned that Ford recently held a presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Auto Summit. During the presentation, Jim Baumbick, Ford Vice President, Enterprise Product Line Management, presented a slide outlining Ford’s future plans to expand its portfolio into “preferred segments”. The slide shows how Ford is “aggressively re-entering the off-road adventure space that we helped create” and shows placeholder images for the Bronco and a “Small Rugged Utility,” which represents the Maverick.

A chart also shows how Ford’s vehicles will range from Urban to Rugged, with only the Ford Bronco and Maverick grouped in the Rugged section. This shows the Ford Maverick will be significantly more rugged than other vehicles on the chart such as the Escape, Explorer and Expedition.

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