Ford’s New CEO Saved Bronco Sport From Catastrophe

That’s when a designer for the truck-based Bronco SUV named Brian Paik submitted his winning drawing. Paik was then promoted as Bronco Sport’s chief exterior designer.

“There was a push to inject more Bronco DNA,” said Paik. “We really wanted to redact any kind of stylized, unnecessary features and really give it a purpose-built feel. Once the sketch was picked and we went to a clay model, there was kind of an agreement that this felt right.”

This wasn’t the first time Farley stepped in to help designers find focus. The design team for Mustang Mach-E also required some assistance and his advice was simple: “think Mustang.” The Bronco Sport’s final design is anything but sleek due to its upright stance, short front and rear overhangs, and a safari-like roof that’s even higher in the back to allow for more storage space and headroom.

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