Ford Introduces Overhead Switches For 2021 Bronco

This is not the first time Ford has included pre-wired toggle switches into a vehicle; the original Raptor had them and Ford now offers them on the Super Duty. Owners who have these switches built into their Bronco will not have to drill holes or feed wires to install off-road accessories. This will come in handy for overhead lightbars, mirror-mounted spotlights, cameras, refrigerators, and more.

Diagramed in the above picture, the system includes the six overhead upfitter switches and a configurable fuse box with five factory-installed harnesses to assign each switch. The system contains one 30-amp, one 15-amp, and four 10-amp fused circuits. Owners can install accessories using the front terminal connections, glovebox connection point, A-pillar connection, or rear cargo connection.

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