Everybody Should Watch ‘John Bronco Rides Again’

John Bronco Rides Again starts again with a fictional Ford historian trying to get Bronco’s name on a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He finds out that Bronco needs to have worked in every decade to be considered and sets out to find himself, to be the world’s greatest pitchman once again.

We cannot say enough about Goggins in this role. Granted, he was already one of our favorite dramatic actors, but the fact that he can hold up these ridiculous scenes without breaking is nothing short of amazing. With his southern drawl courtesy of his Birmingham, Alabama roots, Bronco is the working man’s cowboy hero we’d all like to be.

If you have 25 minutes, and Hulu, we definitely recommend it. And if you have 37 more minutes, watch the first short before the second, we’re guessing they’re even more enjoyable in the proper order. They’re worth it just for the Johnny Cash-style intro songs, singing the praises of John Bronco.

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