Ford Wants To Revive More Old Names For Future Cars

Ford’s European design chief, Murat Gueler, recently spoke with Autocar, revealing that Ford would likely bring back old names for new models. He specifically mentioned the competition Europe is facing from China and Korea. Chinese vehicles aren’t a big problem in the USA, but Korean cars are making significant inroads locally.

It makes sense that Ford would want to use old names, if only for that nostalgic feeling. Competitors from China and Korea have a lot to offer, but there’s not a lot of history there. Ford has a ton of history, and Gueler states that said history could be used to differentiate Ford’s EVs from the flood of electrics headed our way. It seems the Mustang Mach-E is just the first of many, with Gueler citing that using the name was “the right thing to do, because the Mustang name gives a gravitas to the product which maybe otherwise wouldn’t exist.” And let’s not forget about the F-150 Lighting, which uses a name traditionally reserved for go-faster Ford pickup trucks. Not to mention the Maverick, which has a huge reservation list already.

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