7-Eleven Creates One-Off Ford Mustang With Custom Pizza Holder

Inside, the seats have been customized with 7-Eleven colors while the shift knob has been replaced by a bizarre piece that is meant to mimic a Slurpee drink. If you win this car, ensure you park it in the shade at all times; that knob will have you inventing expletives if you touch it on a hot day. Behind this knob sits a pair of cupholders, with one of these now replaced by a triangular accessory that allows you to hold a slice of pizza without making a mess of your leather. The final change is the addition of an air freshener that is meant to smell like the convenience store’s OG To-Go Coffee.

“We know our customers have an affinity towards car culture, so building a one-of-a-kind car inspired by our most iconic products was a no-brainer,” said 7-Eleven Executive VP Marissa Jarratt.

If you’re keen on snagging this strange ‘Stang, you can enter via the chain’s social media outlets or by purchasing certain items in-store before May 25.

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