Ford Is Stealing Sales Right From Under The Jeep Wrangler

However, while sales of Ford’s reincarnated offroader have soared in the last nine months, much of the market is still dominated by the Wrangler. S&P Global’s data shows that Bronco sales now account for 5% of the compact utility segment, up from just 1%. But Jeep still commands 8% of the market for vehicles like these. Additionally, the data shows that other vehicles in the segment, like the Honda CR-V and Jeep Cherokee have lost market share since the Bronco’s debut.

New Bronco owners are both younger and have higher average incomes than Wrangler owners. S&P’s data also shows the majority of Bronco owners are of Western European descent, with a very small portion of buyers being Hispanic, Asian, or African American. These wealthier buyers have higher average credit scores, with Jeep buyers eight times more likely to lease than a Bronco customer.

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