Owner Transforms Ford Maverick Into Overlanding Warrior

Alas, no such camper exists, which is why Justin and Amber had to make one from scratch. The main reason a third-party manufacturer has yet to introduce something similar is Maverick’s payload capacity. An EcoBoost model like the one you see here can only carry 1,500 pounds in its bed.

This couple’s slide-in camper weighs just 700 lbs without gear, thanks to the lightweight construction. The entire trailer is made from laser-cut aluminum and is TIG welded together. Though the structure is light, it’s strong enough to support a pop-up tent with solar panels, a side awning, and a side-mounted shower.

Their Maverick isn’t just for show either. It has a two-inch lift kit and 265/70-17 BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. It’s not a hardcore off-roader, but the AWD system is good enough for a dirt road and some light off-roading.

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