The Big Kahuna Monster Truck Is Back With Bronco Inspiration

If we had to guess, these earlier renderings of the Bronco caught England’s eye, and that’s why Emmanuel was approached to do the job.

Getting the new Big Kahuna Bronco up and running shouldn’t take too long. Each truck frame is custom made, while the body on top is cheap fiberglass. That’s likely why Emmanuel’s original Bronco rendering was rejected, as it’s a bit too complex to reproduce for every race.

The average Monster Jam truck is around 10.5 feet tall, 17 feet long, and 12.5 feet wide. Even with a fiberglass body, they weigh roughly 12,000 pounds. But that’s fine since the average engine output is approximately 1,500 horsepower.

After a nearly three-year absence, it’ll be nice to see The Big Kahuna back in the stadium, trying to complete a double backflip successfully.

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