7 Of The Craziest 6×6 Pickup Trucks Ever Made

Once in a while, when Americans believe that only they have the most badass off-roaders, a couple of Aussies will say, “Hold my beer and throw another shrimp on the barbie,” while they have a crack at a project. In this case, Justin Montesalvo of Patriot Campers, an Australian company that builds and sells camping trailers and toy haulers, went to SEMA and liked what he saw. He was inspired to work with Jmacx Offroad Solutions to build the ultimate 6WD off-road tourer, and the Toyota Land Cruiser-based project was born. It’s an incredible piece of engineering that rides on a custom air-suspension rig, a remote tire pressure system, carries a 70-liter water tank, and the engine, upgraded with a turbo, uses twin four-inch exhaust stacks. Inside, there’s an electronics system made up of two lithium batteries, two AGM batteries, twin compressors, twin air tanks, solar panels, and a full lighting system. The wheels are purpose-designed 18-inch units wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber. Unlike the majority of what Montesalvo saw at SEMA, the Megatourer 6×6 is not a show car. It’s the real deal.

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