Ford’s Impressive June Can’t Hide Worrying 2022 Performance

Ford’s strong June performance stands in stark contrast to the overall industry sales decline of 11 percent, placing Ford in a strong position with 12.9% of the monthly market share. Ford reports the biggest share gains came from the F-Series, Explorer, and Expedition. More than this, demand remains high as 50% of retail sales came from previously-placed orders, showing that initial interest is turning into genuine sales potential for the brand.

Looking at year-on-year sales for the month of June, Ford saw the most improvement from the Bronco – with a 983.8% increase compared to June 2021. That’s because, in June 2022, 8,681 Broncos were delivered compared to just 801 in June last year. The YTD Bronco deliveries are more impressive still, up 6,747.7% with 54,842 delivered in 2022 so far. This makes sense as production ramps up and as Ford rectifies issues with the MIC hardtops that plagued early Broncos.

The Mustang sold more than double as many units in June ’22 as it did in the same month in 2021, posting 107.5% gains while the Escape saw a 7.7% increase, the Explorer a 109.5% increase, and the F-Series a 26.3% increase.

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