Hear The Ford Bronco Roar With New Exhaust System

In the video, the stock 2.7-liter Bronco gives a few wheezy revs before taking off, and we must admit; it doesn’t sound fantastic. The Touring sound level on Borla’s new exhaust system gives the 2.7-liter V6 engine a deeper note that adds a much-needed level of attitude. The S-Type level is rather rowdy, and gives you a truly sporty six-cylinder tone, but is equally refined when cruising. The Atak is so loud that you can start to hear turbo noises through the system, and should find favor with boys that are proud of their Broncos. Borla’s new system is priced up to $1,400 depending on sound level and finish, and we think it adds a good dose of cool to an already radical off-roader.

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