Buy An Exotic Car Dealership, Get A 1967 Eleanor Mustang For Free

Here’s the deal. Earth MotorCars is an exotic car dealership in Carrollton, Texas. That’s near Dallas. The dealer is looking to sell its 68,325 square-foot building on 5.37 acres of land. Apparently, the dealer isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s pulling a McLaren, and selling the building where it resides to the highest bidder. That money will then be used for whatever the company desires. By that point, you’ll be too busy doing burnouts in a Mustang to care.

Given the staggering size of the facility, it’s not cheap. Effectively, the Mustang we’re talking about is $19,999,999, as that’s how much the building and its free car will run you. Earth MotorCars actually represents the company that builds these officially-licensed Eleanor cars, so you know you won’t get a cease and desist on your burnouts. We spoke with the realtor, Kelsy Creech, who offered some clarity on this unusual offer.

Her logic is that “two appreciating assets are better than one!” Clearly, suitors think the same. EMC has entertained several inquiries already. The idea has been proven to work, as Creech has done this before, previously with ex-Cowboys running back Emmitt Creech. The company listed his home and threw in a dinner with the player to entice buyers. The home sold.

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