Maverick Lightning And Ranger Lightning The Names Of Ford’s New Electric Trucks

CarBuzz sleuths have uncovered a massively exciting prospect for truck and EV lovers alike – the beginnings of an electrified Ford Ranger and Maverick. The Blue Oval recently filed to trademark both names with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) overnight, giving us confirmation that new electric trucks are on the way.

So, what are these battery-powered pickups going to be called? It seems they will follow in the larger F-150’s footsteps and adopt the Lightning nomenclature. The trademark, as seen below, shows these future models will simply go by the names Ranger Lightning and Maverick Lightning.

We’ve known for some time that electric variants were in the pipeline, but this is the first official step on Ford’s behalf. Last year, CEO Jim Farley suggested an all-electric Maverick is a real possibility. “[I] could envision producing a family of Maverick variants, including an electric model,” the Ford boss revealed.

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