Ford Bronco Destroyed By Hailstorm While Being Delivered To Owner Who Waited TWO Years For New Car

Flores’ Bronco reservation dates back to July 14, 2020. He didn’t get his VIN number assigned until March 4, 2022. Thankfully, things looked to be speeding up there for a while. The SUV was scheduled for production on April 25, but was then pushed back to May 9. Mercifully, Flores was supposed to get his order between June 12-18. As we know now, that didn’t happen.

Flores says he contacted Ford, which then told him the damage was reparable. However, it exceeded the limit specified by Ford’s warranty and policy manual. Then, and this is where things get messed up, he was told the car wouldn’t be sold as new. Instead, it’d be sold at auction. And we all know what that means for this brand new Bronco.

Initially, Ford told him to reorder the vehicle through the dealer and ask for expedited delivery. But the dealership allegedly didn’t know how to do that and was waiting for word from Ford. Ford also told Flores that there wasn’t anything it could do, again telling him to talk to the dealer in an endless loop.

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