6 Coolest Features Of The New Ford Mustang

We’re not saying Ford’s latest safety tech will save you when you overcook the drift brake on your way home from that car meet, but Ford’s CoPilot360 technology on the Mustang now features speed sign recognition, intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane centering assist, reverse brake assist, and, get this, evasive steer assist. The latter will detect another car swerving into your lane and take evasive action, but we have to wonder if it might help steer you away from a crowd. Let’s just say we won’t be testing that one to find out.

On a more serious note, there’s a new Active Pothole Mitigation system included on vehicles with the Performance Package. Thanks to MagneRide adaptive suspension, this system can adjust the suspension to reduce the harshness of pothole impacts by continually monitoring suspension, body, steering, and braking inputs and reacting accordingly when an impact is detected.

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