Ford Lays Claim To Megazilla Name For New Twin-Turbo V8

The trademark for the term Megazilla was applied for by Ford just this week, on Monday 19 September, and is specifically classified under “crate motors, namely, electric motors and internal combustion engines for automobiles.” So what do we know?

In May of last year, an insider report claimed that Ford was working on a twin-turbo version of the Godzilla, which we guessed could be the Megazilla – a name that was rumored but unconfirmed.

But don’t bank on the Megazilla being blown – some tuners have already achieved big numbers with the Godzilla motor without resorting to forced induction – one tuner extracted 789 hp with little more than a 90-millimeter throttle body, a billet intake manifold, modified heads, and mechanical roller camshafts.

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