2022 Ford Maverick Can Now Be Rented From U-Haul For $20

No official explanation is available, but it’s not hard to figure out. Ford makes mega bucks on the commercial side, and a company like U-Haul doesn’t place an order for just one unit. It was likely a lucrative deal, and Ford would have been dumb not to take it in these trying times.

Looking at the model in the image, it’s likely not the trim most customers would be interested in anyway. Thanks to the steelies, bumper, and side mirrors, we know it’s a base XL. U-Haul likely wanted the most efficient powertrain, so the front-wheel-drive hybrid is the most likely candidate.

What more do you need from a hire car than manual air-conditioning, Bluetooth connection, and Apple CarPlay?

On the forum, we can already see several people upset with Ford for delivering Mavericks to U-Haul before customers, but this is not the trim most people appear to be interested in anyway.

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