E36 BMW 3 Series V12 Sleeper Takes On Ford Mustang GT At The Drag Strip

The video footage was shot in June at the Tokol Airport near Hungary’s capital, Budapest.

It shows the two cars lining up at the 2022 Loerok Ejszakaja drag racing event. The drag race is, unfortunately, a rather one-sided affair, with the modern car dominating the race. The Ford Mustang completes the standing quarter-mile in 13.2 seconds, while the BMW crosses the line half a second later.

The Mustang records a trap speed of 107 mph versus the Bimmer’s 104 mph. Not bad at all, considering the lack of modern technology and the 155 hp deficit.

Since mid-2022, BMW no longer produces a V12 engine, making this video bittersweet for many BMW fans.

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