Good News, Europe: The Ford Bronco Is Coming Your Way

That’s probably for the best as the Raptor’s 85.7-inch width would be impossible to park in a European city. Besides, Ford already offers the Ranger pickup truck as a Raptor in Europe, so the space for a high-speed off-roader is already filled. The Bronco will compete against the Jeep Wrangler, which has been sold in Europe for several years, and the Land Rover Defender.

Because the Bronco will be expensive to export, it will arrive in Germany with a 60,000 euro ($63,270) price tag. That puts it a lot closer to the Defender in price, especially compared to US prices. Ford plans to market the Bronco as a halo vehicle that emphasizes the “American Adventurous Spirit,” the company’s latest slogan for Europe. The Bronco will only be sold in left-hand-drive markets, so the UK is out of luck.

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