US Air Force Debuts Some Unconventional MUSTANGS

In this trial, the F-35s will attempt to find a unique waveform in the operating environment, transfer the data to MUSTANGS, curate the data, and then send it to the US Reprogramming Laboratory which is a part of the 513th Electronic Warfare Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

As it’s still in the testing phase now, it’s hard to know when it will be operationally ready, as there are basically no other details available on the project. All we know is that this data management will change how these fighters operate, which as Malafa says, is great for the future of air combat.

“Data evolutions like MUSTANGS turn edge data into information rapidly, which is exactly the kind of innovation we need to stay ahead in the modern age of warfare,” Malafa said. “There is no doubt that those who can transmit information at the speed of relevance will win.”

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