China’s Latest SUV Looks Like A Bronco And Costs Less Than $22,000

Chinese brand Jetour has revealed early images of the Traveller, a decidedly retro SUV that borrows design cues from the past – and certain Western SUVs.

Jetour operates under Chery, an industrial giant that is currently ranked as the ninth-largest automobile manufacturer. Ahead of the official launch, Jetour has shared some details about the vehicle, but we’ll get to that shortly. What’s interesting to us is the copycat styling, which clearly gains inspiration from the Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender.

The blunt front end is unmistakably Bronco, with the Jetour brand name stretched out across the grille and flanked by two headlights. Even the shape of the hood is similar, although the Traveller appears to have chunkier bumpers and squared-off wheel arches.

From the front door onwards, British flair dominates thanks to the Defender influence, with an upright A-pillar and expansive glass house. This is also clear to see when viewing the car from the rear.

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