RUF North America Announced As New Miami-Based Distributor

RUF Automobile GmbH commonly referred to as just RUF, is a legendary German tuning house and vehicle manufacturer specializing in Porsche products. Established in 1939 by Alois Ruf Sr., the company began as a workshop and eventually expanded to offer a full-service gas station. However, as Alois Ruf Jr. took over the business following his father’s death in 1974, he pivoted the company to produce its own modified Porsches. 

By the late 1980s, RUF had established itself as not just a tuning house but a full vehicle manufacturer with the release of the CTR. Commonly known as simply the Yellowbird, the CTR was revolutionary not just for its top speed, 211 mph, but by how it crushed competitors in period comparison tests. RUF built 29 original CTRs with chassis purchased from Porsche. The rest were conversions utilizing customers’ standard Carreras. 

Flash forward a few decades, and RUF is still working on what it does best, producing low-volume, high-quality performance cars. The marque has three production models at the time of writing: the CTR Anniversary, the SCR, and the CTR 3 Clubsport. To facilitate the sale of these cars in its largest market, the brand just announced the opening of Ruf North America, a new Miami-based importer, and distributor for the brand. 

RUF North America is located at The Concours Club, a private race track and hospitality resort in Miami’s center. The new distributor also plans to offer on-site servicing, giving US RUF owners more accessible access to maintenance for their rare performance cars.

Of its new distributor, the brand said in an Instagram post: “North America is RUF’s largest market, and we at RUF North America are honored to help continue the growth of such an iconic manufacturer by offering ‘Sales, Service, and Style.’ We are proud to be the exclusive North American importer and purveyor of all things RUF.”

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